Autodesk Sustainable Design Curriculum 2010

This project-based curriculum explores an information modeling approach to sustainable design that spans architecture and related engineering disciplines and addresses key topics of sustainability in the field of building construction. This curriculum is intended to be part of a formal exploration of building information modeling (BIM) methodologies that support the development of critical thinking skills. The use of this curriculum will prepare students for the integrated practice of sustainable design and multidisciplinary collaboration.

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Instructor Guide

This curriculum contains an instructor guide that highlights essential concepts and key learning goals, and is accompanied by presentation teaching tools.

Student Workbooks

Each unit is mirrored by a student workbook unit that provides project-based exercises that support information modeling techniques.


Included in the curriculum are video tutorials demonstrating sustainable design concepts with the Autodesk portfolio.


The datasets are used in conjunction with the student workbook to work through the provided exercises.

Additional Curriculum

This interactive supplement curriculum explores building information modeling (BIM) methodologies and analysis tools. It looks in detail at the physical processes involved in the environmental performance  of buildings based on an understanding of architectural science. This supplement is capable of being the foundation for advanced sustainability courses. Below are the eight topics covered:

  1. Solar control
  2. Human comfort
  3. Climate analysis
  4. Thermal analysis
  5. Passive desig
  6. Sustainability
  7. Lighting design
  8. Acoustic design

Author Biographies

Learn more about the authors who created this curriculum.

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