Assigning Materials to Model Elements

This video tutorial demonstrates how to assign materials to model elements using Autodesk Revit Architecture. The video shows techniques for: assigning materials to elements by object category; assigning materials by setting a component family’s type properties; and assigning materials by setting the instance properties of an individual element.

Exercise 1.7.1: Assigning Materials to a Component

In this exercise, students will learn how to:

  • Assign materials to model elements by object category.
  • Assign materials by altering an element’s type properties.
  • Assign materials by specifying an element’s instance properties.

Student Exercise

  • Create a new floor type using a different material and thickness for the deck at the east side of the residence and studio and the ramp coming from the driveway:
  • Open the Exterior Perspective view and note the appearance of the deck. A cast-in-place concrete material has been assigned to this element, and it is displayed with gray shading and speckled pattern.
  • In a plan view, select the deck and create a new type called Wood Patio, then edit the structure for this new type:
  • Change the thickness of the Structure [1] layer to 4" (0.10 m).
  • Change the material assigned to this layer to Wood Deck
  • Also assign this material to the ramp from the deck to the parking area.
  • Next, change the materials assigned to the Console Table in the living room of the residence to match the other furniture in the room:
  • Select the sectional sofa component, and determine the materials assigned to the various parts.
  • Select the console table and assign similar or complementary materials to its parts. The materials for this component are specified as instance properties, so every instance of the console table can have different materials.

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