Rocky Mountain Institute

Autodesk and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) have collaborated to support RMI’s Factor Ten Engineering (10xE) initiative. 10xE aims to bring about a significant design shift by providing designers and engineers with a tangible guideline to whole-system thinking to help them realize radical efficiency gains. Included in this curriculum are a student activity and a case study that highlight 10xE design principles.

Supermarket Retrofit

Though many sectors of the economy will benefit from integrative design, its effect on energy is particularly dramatic and important. In this highly competitive marketplace, graduates need to be able to show that optimizing whole systems for multiple benefits often makes gains in end-use efficiency much bigger and cheaper than conventionally supposed. RMI has developed this student activity using the 10xE principals and Autodesk® BIM solutions with a supermarket retrofit. Students will learn how to think critically about the whole-building system and evaluate energy conservation measures.

Autodesk AEC Headquarters and IPD

Learn how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals designed and built the Waltham, Massachusetts, LEED Platinum™–certified Autodesk AEC headquarters using BIM and IPD design principals.

Sustainability Workshop

Learn the principles of designing a net-zero energy building and simulate your work digitally to evaluate its economic and ecological viability.

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