BIM Curriculum

Welcome to the Autodesk® BIM Curriculum for faculty and students. The Autodesk BIM Curriculum was created to prepare learners for professional practice in architecture, engineering, and construction management. The site has an abundance of learning materials, YouTube videos, exercises, assessments, and much more to teach Building Information Modeling (BIM) and sustainable design practices, along with integrated project delivery (IPD) concepts.

Students will learn how to design and communicate more fluidly, test and plan using BIM models, and  utilize cloud services along with mobile devices within an IPD framework. With a strong focus on sustainability, conceptual design concepts with new focus on computational design, the comprehensive teaching tools provide students the extra edge to excel in their design projects, studies, and studio.

Faculty can supplement their courses with the curriculum materials and provide additional video tutorials to inspire design and get started quickly. The BIM Curriculum contains instructor guides, presentations, video tutorials, and assessment questions that are easily incorporated into lesson plans.

For additional resources, check out the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop and New Building Performance Analysis Certificate (BPAC).

BIM Curriculum

Learn how to fluidly design, communicate, analyze and plan using BIM models in an IPD framework. Use Autodesk Revit 2014 to access the functionality of all the Revit disciplines in one interface.  

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Sustainability Workshop

Learn the principles of designing a net-zero energy building and simulate your work digitally to evaluate its economic and ecological viability.

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